Three Things

Three Things

I’ve got some scintillating copy to write about CPA’s, so this has to be quick.

1) Christopher Hitchens! Sorrow. Nobody made me want to be a smarty-pants more than that guy. Even when I violently disagreed with him (uh, sorry, man, Women Can Be Funny), I was slobberingly jealous of his turn of phrase.

2) Paul Griffin wrote a book I wish I had written: Stay With Me. Goddamn.

3) Every time I teach lately, the time seems to go too fast. The kids slip out the door like shower soap and I’m all, WAIT! We didn’t cover so much stuff! Come back! I think this is a good thing, to be left wanting more. But I also hate that feeling of ideas left unspoken. That one hand raised for so long and never called on.

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