These Are My Thoughts, Let Me Show You Them

These Are My Thoughts, Let Me Show You Them

The Grateful Dead is just so gross.

I would like to own approximately 7 new pairs of jeans. One for every day of the week.

Today Matilda was telling me a story and used this phrase: “…and that is just total HOGWASH!”

Adrian smashed open Matilda’s piggy bank and now they’re depositing a million coins.

If someone gave me a bucket of popcorn chicken right now, I would totally eat it.

Goodreads makes me feel upset about all the stuff I want to read and how I have to waste all this time bathing and sleeping and eating and whatever when I could be absorbing all these good stories.

I hate lifting weights because you have to be so close to other people the whole time. Especially giant men who watch themselves in the mirror while they do a million curls. Men who never wash their athletic garments, either. Yuck.

What I want to do for Christmas is watch The Ref with my family and eat shrimp cocktail in my pajamas.

I am avoiding many things that I ought to be attending.

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