“God, you and your low self-esteem! You’re such an idiot!” — Adrian

“Mom, no offense, but you and Peekoo? Neither of you are very attractive. You’ve got WHITE hair.” — Matilda

“This is Bob Dylan singing? He shouldn’t be singing. He shouldn’t be doing that at all. EVER.” – Sid

“That doesn’t work. That’s like giving a guy a donut to make him run faster.” – my dad

“Well, they didn’t name of one of them ‘Jesus’ yet.” – Owen, on whether the Duggar family had gone through all the ‘J’ names

“Well, that’s uglier than a mud fence.” – my mom

“I’m waiting for you mother to finish watching ‘Lost in Hell’ or whatever it is,” my dad, emptying the dishwasher in his coat, holding onto the dog’s leash, while my mom was glued to Unsolved Mysteries.

“Matilda thinks the Tooth Fairy’s a man?” – Sid

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