On Football, Ctd.

On Football, Ctd.

I love this song so hard.

I dunno what it is about me and football. Since I watched Friday Night Lights, it’s like I have some delusional disease that makes me very nostalgic and fond of the Concept of Football – the struggle, the youth of the players, the insane strategy and targeted violence involved, the existence of Tim Riggins – which is no way intersects with the Reality of Football.

Besides the bewildering games of flag football I was forced to endure in Phy Ed (what were we doing? some boy was telling me where to run? but he never threw it to anyone?) the Reality of Football (the ruined bodies, the ripped-off, uneducated, unpaid college players, the boy-raping coaches, the involvement of dudebros, the existence of Tim Tebow) is nothing I like. I don’t want to watch this game, unless it’s a FNL highlight reel. The Reality of Football on television is that it’s quite slow and the Hammy Announcer Hen Party is fucking ceaseless.

So. Why the fascination? I can’t play football. I don’t understand the rules. I don’t respect the athleticism involved (I know it’s there, but all the standing-around makes it seem like weak sauce compared to soccer). I never have attended a live football game. My father never watched football – his idea of sports was watching boxing on our tiny kitchen TV. I never went to one football game in college; in high school, the game was where I went (after half-time, of course, to avoid the ticket price) to rendezvous prior to a party or some other vice-filled activity.

Still, I find it very romantic. Why?

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