Music I Don’t Like

Music I Don’t Like

Wilco. Ugh, no. The branding on this band is such that even the mention of the name annoys me.

The Beatles. Yeah, I get their importance. But do people really still listen to that shit on the daily?

anything Ska. Trumpets are the grossest. They’re so damn LOUD. Sorry, my nephew Owen who plays the trumpet.

Social Distortion. I’ve even seen this band live. It sounds like something a computer would produce if you typed ‘punk rock’ into a software template.

Metallica. Does anyone listen to this who’s not in a weight room? Though I do like “Enter Sandman.” But not enough to listen to, you know, listen to it.

The Offspring. So.Much.Yelling.

Radiohead. Okay, a couple of their songs are okay. But mostly, I just get the same Wilco-Bad-Brand feeling. Like Radiohead is the Sting of the 2000’s. (Actually, I like Sting. Whatever, I’m 37.)

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