from Paul Griffin’s Stay With Me

It’s not like I never been with a girl before, but she didn’t like me. She was sixteen or something. A few months back, I had a job delivering store circulars to the tenements. I saw her twice or so in the halls, and she never spent a look on me. But this one day, she does a double take and says, “Hot cocoa?” And I said, “What?” And she rolled her eyes and said real slow, like I was a moron, “Do, you, want, some, hot, cocoa?” The slush kept getting in through the rip in my sneaker, so I was like,”Yeah, cocoa’d be real nice, thank you.” We went into her apartment and next thing you know she was pulling me into her room and pulling down my pants and we smacked it up real quick. She hurried me out right after, said her folks were coming home soon, and I didn’t get any hot cocoa either. I brought her daisies the next day and she told me to git.

        from p. 6-7 of Paul Griffin’s Stay With Me, Dial, 2011.

The whole book is like this. This excellent voice. I couldn’t slurp it up fast enough. You need to go buy it NOW.

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