2012 Resolutions

2012 Resolutions

I have all these goals, which aren’t resolutions, and most of them involve rehauling either my house or my body.

Which is super boring. No one cares if I rearrange my office or paint my basement. Well, except me, and my family. And no one cares as much as me if I lose weight or gain muscle or get a tattoo or stop biting my goddamn nails.

I don’t have any career goals, either. I teach as much as I possibly can and writing is so unpredictable. Who knows what kinda insane ideas I will cook up in that department? It’s enough to resolve to keep doing it, somedays.

I would like to get better at writing feedback on student work. I think I do an okay job, but mostly the act itself causes me so much angst. I worry about saying the wrong thing or not saying enough good things or being inadvertently discouraging.

I suppose if I resolve to do something, it would be to not give a shit as much about things that don’t concern me.

Also, every year I resolve to learn how to sew but never do.

It seems like the older I get, the fewer things I want to master. It’s totally okay with me at this point to not learn the following: how to sew, how to play the guitar, how to use power tools.

(I should probably learn how to sew, though. Because I’m all obsessed with my clothing.)

Adrian never makes goals, because he already knows how to do everything, probably. He can sew and fix machines and TIG weld and do calculus and make French bread and blah blah blah. I’m jealous that he can do all these things. But I don’t want to spend time learning all that. Because that would take time away from reading, see.


  • Carrie on Jan 01, 2012 Reply

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  • Carrie on Jan 01, 2012 Reply

    It feels remiss, not wanting to learn new things. But at the moment, nothing particularly grips enough to spend studying it. Nothing but reading & writing, which sounds so single-minded. But I spent many years of my life not focusing on writing like this, so perhaps some tunnel vision is appropriate for now.

    Writing always surprises me, anyway. Last year I started the program intent on writing a mystery novel. Go figure!

  • Ela on Jan 01, 2012 Reply

    If desiring to master fewer things translates to less stress in life, that must be a good thing. I so especially admire your attitude to goal-setting around writing. So many of us are such strivers, and the “who knows what I’ll come up with next” attitude is really refreshing in contrast.

    I’m sure many people have told you how goshblasted funny you are. It should be someone else’s (not your) resolution to take responsibility for sending your humor out into the laughter-starved world…

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