Things That Baffle Me

Things That Baffle Me

– How to park a car and not scrape the front bumper against the little concrete hump thing in a parking lot.

– How to make a fried egg that doesn’t look like it was an assault victim.

– Why people find Monty Python funny.

– Why people laugh when someone wipes out on a banana peel or various other physical misfortunes caught on tape.

– The point of a top sheet.

– How to clip a dog’s claws without fainting or vomiting.

– Why anyone would want to work in a hospital, in any capacity, but especially an emergency room.

– Why people watch hospital dramas on television.

– How to hang a picture straight on a wall.

– Those cars with the huge collections of stuffed animals on the rear dash.

– How to cook meat or fish.

– People who discuss ‘the taste’ of whiskey or tequila in a sophisticated way.

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