On Football, Ctd.

On Football, Ctd.

Adrian pointed out to me that a safety is worth 2 points, not 3.

So. Whoops. Football-Loving Dream Wife FAIL.

I don’t have anything to add but maybe you’d like to look at some Dillon Panthers? Yeah? M’kay:

“Everyone’s looking at me, QB1. Just get used to it.”


  • Carrie on Oct 19, 2011 Reply

    I would think writing in some intrigue where the coach is concerned would be hard, because it doesn’t appear that most NFL coaches look much like Eric Taylor.

  • Brooke Callen on Oct 19, 2011 Reply

    How come no pics of this shirtless goodness? I find when your team sucks and the game is boring, it’s a good time to drink more beer or take another jello shot. I am quite experience at this, considering I’m a Seahawk fan. Many years of suckage in Seattle. I think from now on I will imagine some sort of sordid affair is causing turmoil among the team in the future. Or I suppose I could turn it into a drinking game. Take a drink every time the announcers talk about their glory days.

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