Hitman Two, This Is Actual: I Heart Military Slang

Hitman Two, This Is Actual: I Heart Military Slang

1) Shit-tickets. That’s toilet paper! Isn’t that excellent?

2). Get some!  What Marines say to other Marines going into battle. What Adrian says to me when we’re on the phone and I tell him I’m gonna go write or have a run. It’s supposed to be inspirational, see.

3) The Staging Area. I love calling any place that’s inconsequential but involved in some kinda process The Staging Area. Even if I’m just packing a suitcase or washing the dishes by hand. “This part of the counter by the coffee pot? That’s the staging area where everything dries.”

4) Cleared hot. When your commanding officer gives you the clearance to shoot at the enemy. I don’t shoot at anyone so use it as a term of being ready to go, being given permission to make a move. “I’ve been cleared hot to order pizza – what you want on it?”

5) Oscar Mike.  On the Move. “The movie starts in 8 minutes, we’re Oscar Mike!”

6) The A-O.  Area of Operation. Where the war’s happening. Or some other full-scale production that involves a million details, like the dining room table where Matilda and I are making Halloween decorations.

7) I got your six. If you use a clock in these modern times, picture it this way. Twelve o’clock’s dead in front of you, so six is at your back. So, it’s like, “I’ve got your back, literally.”

8) The head. This is the bathroom. Tee hee. See how I started with the bathroom and ended there, too? One of my many talents.


  • Carrie on Oct 13, 2011 Reply

    I will have to check it out. I love reading books about modern warfare and jacking the slang out of them.

  • Holly on Oct 12, 2011 Reply

    Have you read Matterhorn? I am just reading it now–actually, just finishing it now. It is military and full of said lingo and it is a big ass great piece of fiction. Never really thought I would be saying that about a war novel, but there it is, baby.

  • Carrie on Oct 04, 2011 Reply

    Oooh, nevah heard of that one! I’m totally jacking that from you, Chadders.

  • Chad Carlberg on Oct 04, 2011 Reply

    You forgot Tango Down. Military term for threat has been eliminated. Carrie term for (insert chore you hate here) done?

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