Things I Want To Like But Don’t

Things I Want To Like But Don’t

1) Cooking. I’d like to be that lady who makes memorable dishes that make you feel all cozy and at home. But precision ain’t my thing when it comes to kitchen chemistry.

2) Taking photographs. Cameras = machines. Enough said.

3) Gardening. Theoretically nice, except it’s really boring and I hate that gritty feeling when your hands are dirty. (Yes, I’ll be in my castle if you need me. Don’t forget to pull up the drawbridge when you come in.)

4) Drinking wine. Unless we’re in Europe. Then maybe I can drink it and like it. But usually it tastes yucky and I feel like a great big faker drinking it and pretending it’s not barfing me out.

5) Yoga. It’s really good for you, I’ve heard, except for the part where I hate every second of every pose I’m doing the entire time. So there’s that.

6) France. It might be fine, if you didn’t have to speak and know French.

7) Old movies. I just feel sorry for their paltry, ancient special effects.

8) Live music. It’s just so LOUD. And there’s so many PEOPLE rubbing up against you. Ugh.

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  • Holly on Sep 16, 2011 Reply

    I will try not take this post personally since I like almost EVRY SINGLE THING LOTS AND LOTS on your list. Except old movies. They barf me out how everyone is so obviously “acting” every minute. Also, I think you sort of do like live music but you just like it in the right setting, with the right people, and of course, the right music. Sort of like how you are with parties. You just have to understand what your standards are for it and embrace these. I have lots of rules for live music too–like, no music festivals, no gigantatron venues, no grateful dead wanna-be bands–ever. I like small venues, I like to have a drink and a bar I can retreat to if the music gets too boring for me…you get my drift.

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