Summer’s Ragged End

Summer’s Ragged End

Today I am wearing the same thing I wore yesterday. Green skirt, white shirt. I have five million of the same white shirt, but the skirt’s the same. Let’s see if anyone – the husband – notices.

Matilda calls sewer access holes ‘worm holes.’

I will not miss shaving or humidity or mowing the fugging grass, but when summer’s gone I will miss my morning bike rides with Matilda when we chat and let our wet hair dry in the sun.

Everywhere I look there is something out of place.

Glen Duncan’s The Last Werewolf is so good. I kept pausing to mark passages I wanted to post here but there are too many.

Also, I’ve recently read two Young Adult Hall-of-Famer V-Card Loss scenes. Jessica Warman’s Breathless and Sarah Ockler’s Twenty Boy Summer. I can’t really get into it in depth at the moment, but both were realistic, not too graphic and gushy and involved birth control in a No Kidding Of Course kind of manner.  I really need to organize my thoughts on this into a separate post.

But now I have to make someone Spaghettios and then we’re off to the DMV. Woo.

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