Rainier Writers Workshop

Rainier Writers Workshop

It’s so brilliant, you guys. You just can’t know.

It’s a group of people that are so intensely, unbelievably, awesomely different. And yet so the same. Because we all get up in the morning every day for the sake of writing. Writing is what does it for us. Blows our skirts up and our hair back. Flicks our bics, sharpens our knives, floats our boats, hoists our flagpoles, launches our ships and billows our sails. There are classes, yes. And craft talks and readings. Yes, yes. All important.

But what I get so much out of are the little conversations, outside of bars or in coffee shops or over lunch or in the bathrooms in the morning while brushing our teeth. Going over the material we have learned or the lectures we have listened to or the work we have read together as a group.

Today I played badminton, ate ice cream, listened to some delightful graduate and faculty readings, went to open mic where I hollered and applauded some fearless friends who only wanted to tantalize me with their words and just that intention would be enough, but their words? So delectable and splendid.

It’s over in three days and I’ll be home on my couch, exhausted and shell-shocked by my normal life. And ready to write for another year until I see everyone again.

You just can’t know.



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  • Holly on Aug 30, 2011 Reply

    consumed with envy. but also, so happy you have this.

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