On Transportation

On Transportation

I hate driving in Uptown. Not because of the hipsters. Though they don’t help.

Mostly I hate Lake Street. Is it long enough? Confusing enough? Not enough parking? A million potholes? A billion stoplights? Ugh, kill me.

Actually, I just hate driving in general. Hate cars, too. Hate paying for them. Hate putting gas in them. Hate being in them. Hate trying to find my way somewhere in them.

The only thing I like about cars is listening to music very loud while I’m in them. This lets me forget somewhat that I’m in traffic in a goddamn car.

Really, all transportation is awful, a waste of my human time on earth. It either bores me or terrifies me or costs me money I don’t want to spend. If someone could invent that transport pod thingy like Jeff Goldblum does in The Fly, I would love it. I should talk to Adrian about this.

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