On Coming Home After Being Away

On Coming Home After Being Away

My bed is so much more comfortable than I give it credit for.

Why can I drink beer every night when I’m at RWW and the second I get home, it sounds onerous?  Same with cigarettes. Ach, they sound so icky to me right now.

Who drank all the milk?

Attention, Scientists: please invent a device that can empty a suitcase after a trip in less than 5 seconds. You may leave it at the side door. Thanks.

I really like going through the mail, I guess. The husband left all the mail on the table in great piles. He didn’t even take out the junk sales flyers. I pretty much pounced on all of it.

Things I learned from being away and coming back:

* our dog likes to swim
* the husband doesn’t drink coffee, eat breakfast, water plants or do laundry if I’m not here
* Matilda read WAY ahead in The Ask and The Answer so I’m super proud of her
* Xanax makes flying possible
* supposedly, Captain America is a very good movie?
* next residency I need to bring a tankard of hair gel, less-fancy clothes and not more than two books
* boiled eggs are the grossest thing ever
* if I leave for 12 days, our house will look like an episode of COPS, right after they kick in the door and find the shirtless drunk criminal guy
* Sid got his driver’s permit, one step closer to making him my errand slave
* man, I have so much work to do

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