from Eireann Corrigan’s Ordinary Ghosts, Pt. II

“Ethan has this thing where he won’t buy real porn. He special-orders this skin magazine called American Connoisseur and it advertises itself for showing real women – no implants or airbrushing and the girls are always doing something a little more dignified than just spreading their asscheeks or something. Like they’re sitting in leather easy chairs sipping tea or something. Or instead of straddling a motorcycle, it’s a Vespa. I don’t know why he bothers with this. He spouts this whole theory about how he won’t participate in the degradation of women and whatnot but doesn’t seem to understand that just because the naked chick is posing with a calculator or something doesn’t mean you’re looking at her and thinking she’s so…smart.” 

                           from p. 80 of Eireann Corrigan’s Ordinary Ghosts, Push, 2007. 

God, this book pleases me! I wish I could figure out Eireann Corrigan’s email so I could tell her how much I love it. And that she would write another novel, too. Her Emil was one of the first boy narrators I read that totally fizzed me up. 

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