Things That Are Wrong

Things That Are Wrong

1)  It’s eighty million billion kelvins outside.

2)  Living in a/c for three days straight makes me feel like I’m on some freezing cold space ship.

3)  Matilda hid the book I was reading and dammit!  The girls had just set out for their roadtrip!  Where is that damn thing?

4)  I let Pablo out and he wouldn’t go pee.  He just laid down in the driveway, lounging like a centerfold model, and stared at me.

5)  Adrian’s coming home Friday, not Thursday.  And this week was already dragging.

6)  Can’t find the remote for the television.  Not that this bothers me, as I only care about premium cable television (which I don’t have now and must watch at my sister’s house like a peasant) but still.

7)  My choices for this week include running 9 miles outside or running 135 laps on the indoor track at the YMCA.   Hmm.  I can’t decide what’s more appealing.  Running in ass-hot weather so my clothes melt into my skin or running around in circles like a rodent on a habitrail.

8)  I think seven wrong things is enough.

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