I am needing new summer shoes. I don’t want my clogs. I’m sick of my boring flip-flops. I’ve just realized my Danskos look like…Danskos. Which is to say, they look like Grandma Sandals.

I don’t want to wear wedges. They are too tippy.

I don’t want to wear anything with a cork or jute heel.

I don’t want anything too tall. Because I’m short. And I look like a hippo wearing toe shoes.

What I want is this, almost exactly. Except they are $315. Because it’s Robert Clergerie. Who is a bomb shoe-maker and is probably worth every penny. However, I have to spend probably upwards of $300 on our electric bill this month, thanks to the Heat Wave of 2011. So, that’s out.

Also, I’d like these before August 5th, when I leave for Tacoma. HELP!

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