Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part II: It All Ends Here

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part II: It All Ends Here

I don’t know what to say, because it’s over and I’m not sad. I’m not complaining, either. Because it’s over. It’s been over for awhile, since Book 7 came out. I really felt sad after I finished reading Book 7. But the last movie – I don’t know. I’m doing okay.

Also, the HP movies are the only book-to-film adaptations that I accept without much complaint. They seem to honor the spirit of the books very well, by which I mean that although they aren’t exact adaptations, they always give me the same feeling I get when I read the books.  Which isn’t something to dismiss away. So, if the films cut a subplot or gloss over a scene here and there, I get it and don’t care very much. We can’t have 17+ hour movies. I mean, I need to go to the bathroom in my own toilet, m’kay.  Plus:  Books And Movies – They Are Different. Of course, the books are richer and more satisfying – because they involve you doing more imaginative work. Hello. Anyway.

First, let me discuss the previews.

Cowboys & Aliens? A concept developed by screenwriting software. Though points for Daniel Craig.

War Horse? Pure cornography. Once I heard that sweeping orchestra score, I was heaving.

Arthur Christmas? Adrian will have to fall on this sword.

Abduction? Am ashamed to say this looks somewhat good. Give that poor Twilight bastard something fun to do besides wait for his demon vampire baby bride to hit puberty.

The Dark Knight Rises? Hell to the Yes.

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows: No. Too many slo-mo bullets. Also, Jude Law grosses me out. He looks, in the words of Sid my nephew, like he’d feel sticky if you touched him.

Okay, so here are few random thoughts on DH Pt. II:

Opening.  I was glad to see they kicked things off with the same ominous feeling we had at the end of Pt. I, with revisiting the tomb plundering scene, and then seeing the Dementors and Snape the new headmaster overseeing Hogwarts.

DUR.  Am I stupid for forgetting what that mirror shard is? Someone remind me what that thang is

The Gringotts Break-In.  I liked this.  It wasn’t too long, but it definitely got things rolling in an exciting way. It was like they used the Temple of Doom mineshaft rollercoaster. Also, the dragon was gross. And cool.

Whoa, Shirtless Pale English Boys! I like that Ron’s sorta paunchy. I find ripped abs a little ridiculous. You know people who have ripped abs are somewhat insane given that they cannot eat 99% of all delicious foods on this earth. And I like Harry’s belly hair. I know people think that’s gross. But I’m immune to hairiness as icky, given my choice in husband.

The Kiss In The Chamber of Secrets.  I didn’t have a problem with Ron and Hermione’s kiss like some people did. I thought it was cute that they giggled. I can’t recall their kissing in the book being so momentous, of course. *must go back and read like a dork*

Don’t Take Notes In The Dark.  For some reason, in my notes I took during the film, I wrote several times “Wand = Penis.” Your guess is as good as mine.

Obligatory YOU GUYS! Neville-Is-So-HOT! Remarks.  So, Neville. HUBBA HUBBA. And that’s not a Cosby sweater, you idiots! It’s a Fair Isle and just shut up!  And yeah, I know he doesn’t marry Luna, and that her sitting down beside him at the end (in her weird playclothes that look like something my mother sewed for me to wear in the 70’s) was a big piece of raw meat for the Neville/Luna shippers, but who cares. They are friends. They were in the DA. They both have weird names. Get it over it. (NEVILLE! CALL ME!)

The Room of Requirement.  I LOVED the Fiendfyre scene in the Room of Requirement. It was better than the Gringotts Break-In.  I wish I could bust out some Fiendfyre on my basement.  Because it got water in it a few days ago and everything in it besides the washer and dryer is just so much crap I don’t…require.  Ha ha.

McGonagall F*&K YEAH.  She’s just so wonderful.  The rad grandma we all wish we had.  Also, adored the spells montage as everyone readied to protect Hogwarts.

OH SNAPE SIGH. Snape’s death and memories were beautiful. Alan Rickman is a treasure. The power of love, blah blah blah, snivel, sob.  Very well done.

The Epilogue was okay. I mean, the original source material is sort of ham-handed, I realize. But at least they didn’t put on all that latex aging make-up with a trowel. Ginny had Mom Hair, which I really didn’t need to see. And I wished Ron could have joked a little like he did in the book. Cut a little of the King’s Cross scene and you could have jammed that in there. Now I sound like one of those sputtering fangirls who can’t stop saying But In The Book! But But But In The Book They Didn’t Do That…!


  • Carrie on Jul 25, 2011 Reply

    Hi Tina! Thanks for reading! We just taught a young adult lit workshop for adults a few weeks back at the Loft and it was so much fun – look for it in the next catalog!

    Oh, the slo-mo! I could forgive it, but the 1st Sherlock Holmes movie was so inscrutable to me that it was piling on, in my view.

  • Tina Laurel Lee on Jul 25, 2011 Reply

    Loved this.

    I searched you and found your blog because I loved your classes in the Loft list for the fall. I would love to do the Hunger Game class and the HP one. Alas I am way too old.

    Although I really disagreed about the slow-mo in the Sherlock Holmes preview. I totally love how the slow-mo makes my heart beat faster and I wondered if there is a novelistic equivalent?? But apparently it doesn’t work on you the same way.

  • Kirstin Cronn-Mills on Jul 19, 2011 Reply

    I repeated myself about the eyes–sorry! Guess it really was my favorite part.

  • Kirstin Cronn-Mills on Jul 19, 2011 Reply

    Ginny is very blah in the films–I hate that. But so is Ron. He’s only gotten better lines/air time in the last 3 films. AND I THINK WE SHOULD HAVE SEEN HARRY FIXING HIS WAND, TOO. I agree with your kid, DanYell.

    I was kind of meh on the last battle scenes, but they were all right–nothing that made me go “hey, that’s bad!”. Hoping for another viewing tonight–just too much to see the first time around. What I *really* loved, though–when Voldemort’s eyes became human after Neville killed Nagini. Awesome touch.

    Neville totally stole that film.

  • Carrie on Jul 17, 2011 Reply

    I think you spend the whole 7th book just waiting for them to get back to Hogwarts. Even if it IS a hellhole run into the ground by Snape and the Carrows. You just want the formula back.

    Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright have zippo chemistry. And I like Ginny in the book, but they made her do asinine things in the movies. Like tying Harry’s Shoelace? And smooshing an eclair in his face “Open up, you.” WHA? So stupid.

    They kinda ff’d through the whole Elder Wand thing and didn’t explain the resurrection stone really, either. Plus Dumbledore’s backstory wasn’t in there, so you couldn’t see all of that, which was v. good in the book. But again, we don’t want to sit there and watch Gandhi, right?

  • DanYell Stedman on Jul 17, 2011 Reply

    McGonagall was so bad ass. My kid is convinced that she is the next head master. I got goose bumps when she said “Good to see you Potter.”

    I actually loved the whole scene when they 1st came back to Hogwarts. I also loved the room of requirement scene and Snape’s memories. I really just loved the whole movie. I feel like I need to keep saying it & should just go see it again.

    I did think that Harry & Ginny’s kiss was blah but I kind of think that Ginny is blah in the movies. I like her better in the books.

    The kid & I agreed that it was the best movie yet. He really loved when Harry grabbed Voldemort and told him that they should end it the way they started it. He was also super mad that Harry broke the elder wand. He thought it was very important that he repaired his old wand. I tried to explain about the movie making time restraints. He didn’t care that shouldn’t have been broken.

  • Carrie on Jul 17, 2011 Reply

    A woman behind us was SOBBING during the Snape scenes. Can’t begrudge her – it was moving.

    Thanks for the data on the mirror shard! Totally spaced it.

    Did you find the Final Battle to your liking? Some people thought Neville v. Nagini could have been better. I dunno. I need another viewing, I guess.

  • Kirstin Cronn-Mills on Jul 17, 2011 Reply

    McGonagall = what you said.

    Snape = sooooooooooo goooooooood. All of his scenes were fantastic.

    Neville = again, you said it all.

    Kiss (R&H) = loved the giggling. Kiss (H & G)= dumb.

    Mirror shard = gift from Sirius, book 5(?), you can always reach me with this mirror, etc. etc. Then Mundungus cleans out Grimmauld Place and the mirror gets purchased by Aberforth. HP finds the shard at the beginning of 7 as he’s cleaning out his school trunk.

    Wand = penis = yes. Gotta love power.

    (Voldemort’s eyes, when they change = perfect)

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