*  I like to shower before I work out.  Also after.  But mostly before.

*  I don’t get into the shower until I’ve brushed my teeth.

*  I always read standing in the driveway while I’m letting the dog out in the morning.

*  Eggs:  scrambled or hard fried or else!

*  If a poem lasts longer than a page and half, I quit reading.  Always.  Sorry, Walt Whitman.

*  When I get tipsy, I want to smoke cigarettes.  So I try not to get tipsy.

* I always: lock the door to my house when I go to bed, read before I sleep, write down every book I read and the date I finish it, drink one cup of coffee every morning, return my library books on time.

* I never:   read the newspaper, watch TV news, eat anything ‘smothered’ in hollandaise sauce, buy lottery tickets, drink whiskey, shovel the driveway.


  • Carrie on Jul 14, 2011 Reply

    YEah, the idea of starting out with a layer of grease and adding more grease? Makes the workout seem that much less appealing.

  • Holly on Jul 14, 2011 Reply

    We have very similiar habits except that I ALWAYS drink whiskey when I can, and I do not have a dog so third point on the list is null and void for me. I hate working out when I am all greasy and dirty more than almost anything. Although I can lay around in my jammies all day being greasy and dirty and not give a rip.

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