from Paul Murray’s Skippy Dies

Until recently the opinion of girls was of little consequence;  now – overnight, almost – it is paramount;  and girls have quite different, some would go so far as to say deeply conservative, criteria with regard to what constitutes a gift.  They do not care how many golf balls you can fit in your mouth;  they are unmoved by third nipples;  they do not, most of them, consider mastery of Diablos* to be a feather in your cap – even when you explain to them how dangerous it is, even when you offer to teach them how to do it themselves, an offer you have never extended to any of your classmates, who would actually pay big money for this expertise, or you could even call it lore – wait, come back!

*lighting one’s own flatulence

from pp. 279-280 of Skippy Dies by Paul Murray, Faber and Faber, 2010.

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