Five Lyrical Questions for AC/DC

Five Lyrical Questions for AC/DC

I run.  So obviously I listen to a ton of AC/DC.  I mean, who doesn’t?  Also, I like to return to my hair-metal glory days of youth periodically.

Repeated listens, though, have brought up a few nagging questions for my darling Australian shitkickers.  Like:

1)  When you say, ‘let me put my love into you, babe,’ does this mean literally?  Or were you speaking of a melding of personal life paths?

2)  What exactly is an ‘American thigh?’  Do they literally ‘knock you out,’ as you suggest in “You Shook Me All Night Long”?  Is this some kind of kinky practice from Down Under?  

3)  When you say that Rosie was ‘a whole lotta woman’ do you mean her accomplishments and the vast scope of her interests?  Or just her ‘American thighs’?  

4)  When Bon Scott proclaims that he’s going to ‘ride on’ (in the aptly titled “Ride On”) is this to mean ‘moving on’?  Or is he referring to his intent to continually ‘put his love into’ someone?

5)  In “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” there is a line that indicates ‘for a fee / I’m happy to be / your backdoor man.’  Do you mean what I think you mean?  Not just that you are a gigolo.  But the other thing, too.  Is this another Down Under practice I’m unaware of?

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