On Prurience

On Prurience

Every single thing I want to write about today is too dirty to discuss in a non-locked forum.

I am thinking about it because I have an endeavour that involves teaching at a new place and I don’t want the prospective people to Google me and get all exercised that I use the eff word or talk about sex or cop to drinking alcohol or watching television or porn or whatever other horror that gives uptight people tingles in their nethers.

Every single thing I want to write about today is not anything I want any of my current students to know about me.  I hate it when I mention something online and then a real-life person will mention it back to me in real life and I’m all WHA? because I’m fairly old and apparently don’t get the scope of my Friends List and that people actually read the crap I put out.  I would like to be an Entire Whole Person to my students, but if you teach, you are supposed to be a Role Model and Wholesome and Moral and Diligent, which means you must hide 95% of all the good stuff about yourself.  *sighs*

I don’t like reading memoirs anymore.  I’d rather be confessional in fake forms.  But sometimes I like to box up what I’m feeling in words, too, just to get it out there. Just to see how it looks, all that jumble in my head.  Of course, this is considered weird, except everyone knows they are all going around thinking the same dumb stuff I am, only I’m dumb enough to say it. 

But why am I dumb for saying it?  If we all think it?  We’re all naked under our clothes, you know.  So, what’s the big damn deal?  You’re as dumb as me, Everyone Else.  I’m just a faster typist.

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