from Eireann Corrigan’s Ordinary Ghosts

from Eireann Corrigan’s Ordinary Ghosts

I woke up this morning, trying to remember this passage from a book that I admire the hell out of and it was driving me crazy until the wonders of Amazon’s Search Inside were revealed to me.  Here it is, in all of its pure understated hilarity:

We sleep together.  I mean we do the other stuff, too, and that’s unbelievable.  I understand how people write songs about sex and manuals on it.  I get why people buy it.  And why people tell you not to have it.  Because, I mean, there doesn’t seem to be any point to doing anything else afterward.

– p. from 267 of Ordinary Ghosts by Eireann Corrigan, Push Fiction, 2008.


  • Carrie on Jun 09, 2011 Reply

    You can’t get every bit of the book, just certain parts. But still – yeah. It pretty much made my day.

  • DanYell Stedman on Jun 09, 2011 Reply

    Great quote. This is crazy that you can do this, what’s next? Jumping into our flying cars?

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