Adrian Is Truly A Nerd

Adrian Is Truly A Nerd

I roll over and wake him up and he’s all disoriented, as usual. I’m lucky he doesn’t grab me by the throat and scream, “WHO SENT YOU!” because he’s a very heavy sleeper. Also, he sleeps with one eye partially open. Which is very creepy, but I’m used to it, now. Matilda does the same thing.

I ask him what kind of crazy dreams he was just having. I never remember my dreams. This might be why I usually hate listening to other people tell me about their dreams.

But Adrian tends to be brief in his summarizations, plus his dreams are usually insane, so he gets a pass.

He says, “I was in my lab at the University of Minnesota, in the basement, which was very dirty so I was cleaning it out. And fixing a bike at the same time. Then Sam came over to help with that. And the Black-Eyed Peas, too. They were driving a yellow Suburban. And the Black Eyed Peas were bullying somebody, this kid – in SONG, no less. So I gave them the finger and told them FUCK YOU.”

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